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Send email from trusted server in the world around cloud platform of google.Gsuite provide business email along with Google popular apps like Docs,Drive,Sheets and calendar.100% Uptime guarantee which enables you to receive email without missing single email from your clients.

  • Proficient Productivity and Communicative Collaboration

  • Efficient communication - Easy management!

  • Official Google Workspace Partner

  • Intuitive workspaces with advanced integration!

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Confused about what you will get with Google Workspace

Get a full range of integrated applications with an intuitive interface. Emails, cloud, project management, all in one place and skip the hassle of additional hardware, software, or even the need for an IT professional- It's that easy!

Professional Email

Get your own business email that fits your needs. Be it an email based on your domain or organization - What's more?
This is not just meant for you but for your entire Team!

Customizable Cloud

Regardless of your company size, get stable cloud storage with options and packages for you to choose from!.From Google Docs to Google Vault - it's all under a few clicks!

Data Security

Scared of your data being Leaked? Let us handle it. This is Google, after all! Two Factor Authentication is the most basic of things! Plus, you can add more security if you want to!

Reliable Customer Care

It doesn't matter what time of day it is; you will get full customer support. 24/7 customer is the norm.
Plus, if you need some immediate counseling and guidance, we are there for you!

Admin Access

Get admin access and have complete control over your system. Managing users and their authority has never been easier!. Google workspace has a large library of tools and servers to help you with integration and migration!

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Access your data from any platform without any issue. Google workspace is compatible across every form of device. As long as you can access Google, you can access Google workspace!

Packages for Google Workspace

Leverage the power of Google Cloud platform to host email for your client.Gsuite offers peace of mind regarding email hosting and apart from mail ,gsuite also give access of some cool features likes video conference,group chat and calendar with your own branding.G Suite Authorized Reseller of Kathmandu, Nepal introduced Google Apps, a service where Gmail service can be integrated and use e-mail for business.

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You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

What is Google workspace?

Google workspace is a collection of tools and applications from Google meant for smoother workflow and easy communication. With tools that prioritize easy collaboration, cloud computing and project management, it is built for organizations that require all of these under one click.

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Calender
  • Meet
  • Sheets/Docs
Why Google workspace?

Why not? You will have access to a complete package of tools that enables you to communicate, plan and manage your work easily. What's more, you can even integrate with third-party applications should you not need niche services! But that's not all. With Google Workspace, you get:

  • 24/7 customer care service
  • Complete control over your Contacts, Documents, Settings
  • Easy Integration and Migration of Documents
  • Highly Secure data
  • Easy accessibility
Are there any requirements for Google Workspace?

Since this is run by Google, as long as you have a modern browser that can support recent updates from Google Drive and Docs, you can use Google Workspace. Although you can still use it from older browsers, you will come across some compatibility issues.

Can Google Workspace be used offline?

Yes, you can! Google workspace can be used offline as long as the files have been loaded. You can edit and change the documents as well as the plans. They will be uploaded and synced with their online counterparts as soon as you go online.

Google Workspace Vs. Google Free Apps - which one is better?

The answer is obviously Google Workspace. Other free apps may have their niche specialty, but Google workspace is the one-stop solution for all your organizational needs. You get the same solutions but with additional services.

Will I be able to replace my current software with Google Workspace?

Yes, you can! In fact, you do not have to choose one or another since there is no software to install. You just have to log in to your Google workspace and start your plans.

Can existing Emails be migrated to Google Workspace?

It is possible to migrate your existing email to Google workspace as long as they are from a legacy environment like Microsoft, Zoho, and IBM.

How much does it cost to migrate and set up Google Workspace?

Your cost will depend on the package you choose and other specifics. Please contact our sales and business team with your specific needs through our email, phone, or form on our contact page.

Do I have to pay an additional fee for mobile management?

To be short and sweet - No. You won't have to pay a single additional coin for mobile management!

Do I get a free domain, and can I manage multiple domains with Google Workspace?

You can manage every domain you have with Google Workspace, but you will not get a free domain. Google Workspace is simply a communication and management tool. However, if you need a domain, you can contact us!