Wordpress Hosting In Nepal

WordPress is a self-hosted blogging platform. You will need to get a domain and a hosting to set up a WordPress blog. It runs on MySQL & PHP. It gives more control to users on their blog. It also has a user-friendly interface to post and manage blog after you have set up it on your hosting server.




It is for advanced blogging for advanced users and requires some coding and knowledge of internet and blogging before you start your blog. It has the giant number of plugins which can do lots of magic on your blog. You can set up Adsense and other advertising network using plugins and codes provided by them. It offers more user-friendliness URL.


wordpress hosting nepal plans are economical plans without automatic backups and anti-malware. Wordpress Hosting + Security plans have the same specifications as that of the Wordpress hosting plans, including automatic cloud backups and anti-malware at a cost difference.


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