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Prabhu Host- #1 fastest growing, web hosting company in Nepal.Our aim is to focus on what makes hosting great: reliable servers, easy to use systems and fantastic customer support. We will not use complex jargon to explain simple things. We won’t try to sell you unnecessary “website add-ons”. We won’t fob you off when you need help with your hosting package. We’re here to be a better hosting company.


Our all plans are affordable and we make plans price keeping in mind about affordability

No financial debts, no capital costs

We use the power of public cloud providers like digitalocean ,Google cloud and AWS

High Security

Firewalls,DDoS Protection,Anti-Virus,Security Monitoring,HTTPS / SSL Security Certificates

24/7 support

We provide support to every clients and we help you fix your problem ASAP

Live Chat Support

We can connect via chat,

Why Choose Web Hosting in Nepal with PRABHU HOST



In Nepal there are alots of web hosting provider and among them we stand different from the crowd .We are dedicated to provide reliable web hosting interms of cloud infrastructure ,VPS in Nepal,dedicated server. Apart from this we also provide consultant services for AWS lightsail, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, HostGator, Bluehost products .

Brand Hosted on PRABHU HOST Platform

Our experience in the hosting industry has taught us that efficiency comes through automation.Here is Top Brand that hosted on prabhu host

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Office Address

Koteshwor-32, Kathmandu 44600

Phone Number

(977) 9803926412/13/14
(977) 9860242335