Looking for answers to so many questions related to domains and hosting. Here we have tried to cover all the question answers you have been looking for. If we missed answer on some questions do remember us to mail at [email protected]. We promise to reach you back soon with the answers.

Domain Names FAQ

Want to register Domain Names for your business?

To register a domain name for your business. Search for the domain name availability of the name you want to register. Find out the Web Hosting packages and buy domains of your choice or transfer a domain .

Do you register domains in your own name?

We register domains under the name of our clients.

If I want to renew my domain name, what should I do?

Few days before your domain expires, our system will send you an alert for renewal. You will receive mail and a phone call before your domain expires.So to renew your domain name, login to your client area and renew your domain.

Though I have registered my domain with you, Can I host my domain with another hosting provider?

Yes, you can host your domain with another hosting provider, we Prabhu host provide DNS management for free as long as your domain is registered with us.

My domain doesn't work. Why is that?

Possibly your DNS has not fully propagated if you recently registered your domain with us. Wait for 24 hours after domain registration. You must change the DNS with the ones provided by us if you are registered with another registrar and wait for it to be fully transferred.
It usually takes 12-24 hours for DNS to propagate.

What are your NS for Web Hosting?

Our Nameserver varies with clusters like Shared Hosting , Cloud Hosting , Ecommerce Hosting where we assign different nameserver for every clusters for performance and reliability.
Nameserver are automatically mailed with login information for web hosting after activation of services.

SSL Certificates FAQ

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the security layer between a web server and a browser to establish a secure connection. It keeps the data shared between browser and server safe. SSL is the must nowadays for the website to have and hosting providers to provide. However, the SSL certificate's main task is to secure your data but it varies with the level of trust.

What Is An SSL Wildcard Certificate?

An SSL wildcard certificate is a security certificate enabling SSL encryption to all the subdomains from a single certificate until the main domain is in control of the same company and the domain shares the same second-level name.
For instance, Prabhu Host releases wildcard certificates using the same domain name “prabhuhost.com” then domains like blog.prabhuhost.com or portal.prabhuhost.com and so on also gets secured. An asterisk symbol is shown before the domain chosen.

Do SSL certificates expire? What happens then?

Yes, SSL certificate does expire. You will no longer be able to complete secure transactions on your website if you let a certificate expire. Before the expiration date, the Certification Authority (CA) will ask you to renew your SSL certificate.

Affiliates FAQ

How do I become an Affiliate?

Affiliates often build a monthly income through the promotion of a website, but it is not required, you can promote your affiliate link through social channels or email.

What does an Affiliate Link mean?

A special affiliate link is the URL you should use to direct your visitors, friends, etc. If you log in to your affiliate panel, you will find those URLs for different banners.

How much does it take to get commission approved?

It takes almost 90 days to complete the review for commission.

How to create an affiliate account?

You can create an affiliate account easily at no cost. You will have your own control panel area and view data of your referred links. You can refer your friends or family with direct affiliate links, images or text that redirects to our website.

Can I send traffic through ads?

Big NO. You can promote our website through ads and send traffic. If we find one, we will discard your account.

What are the requirements to receive "Approved" commissions?

After the commission gets reviewed after 90 days, we check if the customers came from affiliate links follows below criteria:

  1. Checking if the appropriate product is on sale.The sale must be for an eligible product
  2. Account is active for 90 days.
  3. Hosting account must have content uploaded.
  4. Domains that have been hosted with us should have website pages under construction.
  5. Approved commissions will be on the basis of account price and promoted service price which is listed on each service on the website.

What is the payment procedure for affiliates?

Once your commission is approved after meeting all the requirements, then you will get paid as per referrals through eSewa, khalti, imepay or direct bank transfer.

How can I be sure I will be paid for my referrals ?
Our affiliate link software creates a unique affiliate link to our site that will lead your visitors to our site and save a cookie on their computer.
You will earn a commission if the visitor places an order and pays for it as it has a cookie present in it (it lasts for 3 months by default). The system is fully automatic. We will track all of your referrals.